Why you should SHARE posts instead of just LIKING them

Don't read into my post title wrong...I want you to like my posts! How else will I know that what I'm writing has any true impact? However, I also want you to go the extra step and show everyone else you like it by "clicking" the Share button. One of the biggest untold truths in the social media world is the importance of a post Share in comparison to the coveted "Like."

When you click “Like” on Facebook, you're letting the person who posted know that you like something they wrote enough to give it the thumbs up. That may give them a warm, fuzzy feeling, but does little to engage the power of the social media engine. On the other hand, when you click Share on Facebook, you not only indicate that you liked what was written, but you also put the content in front of a large number of your Facebook friends. Depending on how many friends you have, this introduces both the writer and the writer's brand to hundreds or even thousands of people who would not have otherwise seen it.

I'm here to expose these 4 truths why "Liking" is not always the best option:

  • Shares are more visible on Facebook
  • Shares encourage engagement
  • Shares encourage Facebook users to click on your link and check out your content
  • Shares lead to more traffic

So as you happen upon something that you really like, remember to do the author a favor and share (don’t like) it with all of your friends.