When is too much...Too Much?

We've all seen that "one" Christmas tree. You know the "one" I'm talking about. The Christmas tree with one of every possible ornament and three different colored ribbons on every side. Lights in the shape of little snowmen fill each branch from the top down. Tinsel covers the entire tree like a fresh layer of dew on a spring lawn. Let's not forget the rotating, disco ball on the top as the finishing touch.

Website Design can sometimes resemble the same misguided attempt for being the next best thing. With all the scrolling banners, animated menu links, shadow boxes and hover effects available to allow the user to increase engagement, our websites can actually turn into a Friday night extravaganza at the local State Fair.

To maintain your creative theme and capitalize on current website trends, focusing on the color palette and typography can actually provide your website with the greatest advantage for stylistic prowess across the internet. Remember, to make your stamp on the world-wide-web, let your character attributes define your website, like the tree made famous as an American icon on A Charlie Brown Christmas.