5 Keys to Success!

Businesses today strive to have a company website to increase their client reach as well as to better illustrate their vision and tell their story. Choosing a web designer who connects with your values and understands your professional needs is vital to the overall outcome and success of your website.

Here are the top 5 qualities that every web designer should have:

  1. Effective Communication: a designer's ability to listen to the client’s needs as well as understand and empathize with the client’s demands.
  2. Adaptive to Your Needs: the designer is serious about understanding the complexities of your company dynamics and using it to create an intuitive website.
  3. Designs with SEO in Mind: the designer has an understanding of how SEO works and can be applied to the code, the copy and the content of a website.
  4. Creates Functional Sites (not just pretty websites): responsive web design is a must for viewing on mobile devices since Google has implemented a new mobile friendly ranking algorithm that causes businesses to lose search traffic and rank poorly for not being mobile friendly. 
  5. They Outline Costs Up Front: a designer's financial honesty and accountability that is maintained along with a high level of work ethic and sincerity will prove to be invaluable.